Welcome to the 30th International ZÜRICUP 2023.

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Dear Kendoka

This year,

the international Kendo-Cup of Zurich will celebrate its 30th anniversary. 


The Budokan Zurich was founded in 1976 and started out with judo and Ju Jitsu as its only disciplines. Already in 1977 the offer was extended by kendo and iaido. In the same year, kendoka from the Budokan Zurich won the silver medal in the team category at the Swiss championships. In the upcoming year followed a bronze medal. And finally, in 1980 the team category was won and a bronze medal in theopen-category was achieved. This success was preceded by the first silver medal won at the international Shinagawa-Championships held in Tokyo in 1979.


1980 can be regarded as the birth-year of the international Zurich-Cup. It was in this year where we started with internal championships in the disciplines of judo, karate and kendo. Regarding kendo, the tournament was announced nationally starting in 1983 and internationally starting in 1985. The demand rose steadily and with participants from up to 15 nations the tournament reached international importance. Many of the today successful kendoka from Europe participated regularly as children in the Zurich-Cup. Even before the fall of the Iron Curtain there were many participants from eastern states and deep friendships were developed. Between 1990 and 2008 we held the Züri-Cup in agreement and alternation with St. Etienne only every two years.

On the occasion of the round anniversary, we would like to thank all those who have contributed to the success with their long-standing loyalty and participation. As delicacy we invited special guest from overseas. We’re glad to announce that teams from Japan, Brazil and Mexico will be participating in our anniversary tournament.

We would love you to join us.

With sporty greetings

Gerry Tscherter

Technical Manager and Managing Director

Budokan Zürich

Thanks to all the Sponsors of the 30th ZüriCup 2023